Northstar can now certify your employees to handle and dispense any propane related components to your business...right here on Vancouver Island! Call today for details. 


Our commercial customers include roofing companies, cement plants, restaurants, resorts and nursery's (just to name a few)

You can focus on building business and leave the propane up to us. We offer cylinder exhchange as well as forklift fills onsite.


Propane Institute of CanadA ~ Certified Training


​​​​Pricing on recertifications:​​

100 lber (with fast fill) $125

​40 & 80 Gallon $250

​Larger tanks, call for quote​


Our New Yard - Our New Storage Vessel!

Our new bulk propane storage vessel has ​landed in our new yard!  We're equipped to provide all your commercial or residential needs with this bad-boy on our side!

 Best Prices~ Prompt Service

COMMERCIAL & Residential Propane Delivery

We're gearing up for BBQ Season!

For larger volume customers, we have a dispensing solution for you. Call us today for onsite training for your employees.

Residential delivery

We deliver to customers with 100 lb tanks or larger - call us for rates and delivery schedules in your area.

Call Now 1-833-548-3748

Spring & Summer Special!  

Although our minimum fill is a 100 lb tank, we'd be happy to fill your 20 or 30 lb tanks if you leave them near your larger tank. 

$25 for 20lber & $35 for 30lber

 Tank & Propane Pricing

40 Gallon Tank: $775

80 Gallon Tank: $850

​100 lb Tank: out of stock

100 lb Propane Fill, $99 flat rate, 40 & 80G $1.04/L

​$15 Delivery Fee on fills